Our Picks


This page highlights teas that are a personal favorite of one – or both – of us. We have so many favorite teas in our vast tea collection that it is difficult to select favorites but here goes! We change these periodically as teas come and go and as a particular tea stimulates our taste buds seasonally.

Most of our teas are sourced directly from tea farms and tea producing villages in their place of origin. Our Chinese, Indian, Japanese,  and Taiwan teas are shipped directly to us. Therefore, much of what we sell may not be familiar to many of our tea customers, but that is what Tea Trekker tea is about – distinctive teas with diverse flavor characteristics and differing leaf styles.

Our collection of teas show, we think, a very broad range of the glorious character and nuances of premium tea.

‘Our Picks’ are selected from all the types of tea and represent different tea producing countries. Our Picks are listed strictly alphabetically, with no sub-sort of any kind. This is what we are emphasizng in this listing:

  • diversity of leaf size and shape
  • selections culled from each of the different classes of tea
  • unique flavors
  • seasonal specialties
  • teas with a distinctive character or story
  • local teas from lesser-known tea producting regions or areas

Enjoy  these as we do – and spread the word to your tea friends !

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