coffee-bean_4Since 1974 we have provided premium coffee beans for enthusiastic coffee drinkers both here in our Pioneer Valley and beyond.

From our humble beginnings as one of the earliest purveyors of specialty coffee beans in the U. S in 1974, we have maintained exceptionally high standards. Which insures that our coffee will please even the most discerning palate!

Whether you are interested in a varietal such as the winey, complex Barahona from the republica Dominicana; the slightly dark-roasted, cocoa-dry Yrgacheffe from Ethiopia; our organic, raisin-y and sweetly-pungent Oaxaca Mexican; or a straight-forward, darkly-roasted coffee for espresso ( we offer three dark roasts: Espresso, French, and Italian ) chances are very good that you will find that one of our coffees will help you greet your morning or pick you up in the afternoon.

Our beans are sourced from coffee growers who offer only the highest quality in their region, from mountain-side, artisan coffee farms and producers that provide extra care and quality conditions for the coffee, the environment and those who work the land.

Whether from small owner-operated, fair trade, sustainable, organic, or traditional farms, our coffee beans offer above-market-grade quality,
distinctive flavor, and honest pricing.


Effective January 1st 2016, Tea Trekker will be offering our delicious coffee on a subscription basis only.

This is the same coffee you have come to love, now custom-ordered and roasted specially for you.

We now offer coffee purchases in quantities of 12 bags only, custom-roasted for you. We will no longer have coffee on hand in inventory.

Each 12-pack must be for the same coffee and the same preparation (for instance: all whole bean, or all one type of grind).

Coffee can be packed as either a single varietal of coffee (such as Yrgacheffe or Sumatra) or a custom blend of coffee as many of you have us prepare for you now. What is not possible is a mixed case of several types of coffee or a purchase of fewer than 12 bags.

Coffee orders must be placed with us by noon on Wednesday. Our coffee orders are submitted on Wednesday afternoon, roasted for you, vacuum-packed immediately (as it has been) and delivered to us the following week. We will then ship it to you USPS Priority Mail so that you will have it at the end of that week.

This means that there is generally a 10 day period from the time you place your order with us to when you receive delivery of your coffee.

The one-way-valve, vacuum-packed bags that we use will keep your coffee fresh for 8-10 months in whole bean form or 5-7 months if ground. Do not freeze your back-up one-way-valve, vacuum-packed bags! Keep any extra coffee at cool room temperature.

Prices include shipping to your door.

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