About our Tea

At Tea Trekker we sell the teas that we like to drink and that we want our customers to drink, too. Whether a bracing orthodox-leaf Assam black tea from northeast India, a delicate mao feng green tea from Anhui Province in eastern China, a sweet sencha drunk from a wabi-sabi tea cup, or a floral Dan Cong shared amongst budding poets, our passion is for you to experience the taste of tea that is pure and sublime. Our teas represent the best of man and nature working together to create fine, unique teas using traditional tea-making methods.


Tea 101

What is Tea?

Selecting Tea

Steeping Tea

Storing Tea

Healthful Benefits


Photographs from our
Tea Sourcing Trips

View our colorful photographs from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea & Taiwan

img-abt1How We Select, Price & Sell Our Tea

img-abt2 Seasonal Tea Production by Country and Month


About Caffeine
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img-abt_tradTraditional Tea vs. Commodity Tea

img-abt3New Tea, Rested Tea
& Aged Tea

img-ch_famousChina’s Famous Tea


How to use a Gaiwan
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How Chinese & Japanese
Tea Steeping Methods Differ
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img-measureHow we Determine the Size & Capacity
of our Teawares

img-abt4bWu Yi Shan Oolong: yan cha

img-tokoname_cleanHow to Clean a Tokoname Teapot

img-info_yixingHow to ‘Raise’ an Yixing Teapot

img-abt6High Mountain Gao Shan:
Taiwan’s Most Distinctive Teas

img-art7Will the Real Matcha
Please Stand Up

img-abt7Tea from the Shizuoka
Organic Tea Farmers Union in Japan

img-abt_darjProtected Origin Status
Granted to Darjeeling Tea

img-abt5About Jun Chiyabari Garden in Nepal


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Tea Trekker Stories
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