White Tea

White tea is one of Fujian Province’s unique treasure teas. It is second only to green tea in terms of recent media attention, and it is extremely delicious.

But white tea is the most misunderstood of China’s teas. Very simply put, what makes authentic Fujian white tea ‘white tea’ is a combination of factors that cannot be duplicated in other regions of China or in any other tea producing country.

Authentic Fujian white tea is plucked from five specific tea bush cultivars that grow in three restricted locations in northern Fujian Province:

  • Fuding county
  • Shuijie county
  • Zhenghe county

Two main different styles of white tea are made from these tea bushes:

  • Yin Zhen, the original, traditional, plump, bud-only tea
  • Bai Mudan, a new, modern-style white tea which consists of varying amounts of bud (from 10% to almost half) combined with leaf from the same tea bushes.

White tea is allowed to wither naturally in the air outside or inside the tea factory, and then it is bake-dried (not pan or basket-fired) to completely dry and stabilize the leaf. White tea is slightly oxidized (due to the natural withering phase) but it is not de-enzymed as green tea is. So in many ways white tea has more in common with black tea than it does with green tea.

Tea Trekker is proud to offer authentic white tea to you in both traditional style and modern style.

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China White Tea

New Tea, Rested Tea, and Aged Tea

Below is the complete alphabetical list of all Tea Trekker white teas.

Jasmine Silver Needles scented white tea Jasmine Silver Needles
Scented White Tea
Fujian Province, China
White tea buds scented with Jasmine
2014 March/Sept Manufacture
Yin Zhen white tea Yin Zhen
White Tea
Fujian Province, China
Silver Needles
2014 Pre-Qing Ming
Yunnan Da Bai Silver Needles white tea Yunnan Da Bai Silver Needles
White Tea
Tang Ta Village, Jinggu County, Simao Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China
2013 Early Spring Pluck
Yunnan Sweet White Threads white tea Yunnan Sweet White Threads
White Tea
Yunnan Province, China
2015 Pre-Qing Ming
1st Harvesting Season
(end of March - April 5th)
Yunnan Yue Guang Bai white tea Yunnan Yue Guang Bai
White Tea
Yunnan Province, China
2014 Early Spring Pluck