Sale Teas

Tea enthusiasts should check Tea Trekker's Sale Teas page regularly, because there are amazingly delicious teas here.

Our Sale Teas  page shows a combination of teas from our inventory that are still drinking well but are in the latter part of their season, or tea that we simply have too much of. These teas are a good opportunity for wise tea shoppers to purchase delicious tea at a reduced price.

We discount sale teas at the 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz quantities; we do not offer sale tea in the 2 oz or 14 gram sample sizes. 

All teas listed on the Sale Teas page represent great value and are designed to be enjoyed by the purchaser;
Sale Teas are clearly marked as such, so are not appropriate to be used as gift purchases.

NOTE: Sale purchases are a FINAL sale.