**Notice** Tea Trekker will be on vacation
from Tuesday Sept 2nd through Saturday Sept 6th

Orders can be placed on our website while we are away.
Orders placed between August 29th and September 8th will be filled when we return, in the order received,
starting again on Tuesday, September 9th.


Decaf Tea


Do you love tea but don't always want the caffeine?

Our decaffeinated teas are ‘real tea’ (Camellia sinensis) and just might be your ‘cup-of-tea'.

Tea Trekker’s Decaf Teas have had 98 to 99% of their original caffeine removed, yet remain flavorful and delicious.

Our decaffeinated teas have won the approval of legions of our customers over the years.



Decaf black tea steeping instructions

Decaf Ceylon Decaf Ceylon
Decaf Darjeeling Decaf Darjeeling
Decaf Earl Grey Decaf Earl Grey
Scented in-house by hand
Decaf English Breakfast Decaf English Breakfast
Decaf Irish Breakfast Decaf Irish Breakfast