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Our Published Articles

Published Magazine Articles

We have posted links here to several of our published tea articles from established magazines and online publications. Some of these are in PDF pdf file format, so you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader


"Discovering Spring Green Teas", The World & I, April 2001 pdf file

"Chinese Spring Green Tea", Gastronomica, Spring 2001
pdf file

"Traditional Jasmine Tea from Fujian Province, China", The Art of Tea, vol. III, Fall 2007 pdf file

 "Eat Your Tea", Delicious Living Magazine, October 2007


 Online Publications


"China's Legendary Spring Green Tea", www.the-leaf.org, Issue #1 pdf file

"Oxidation & Fermentation in Tea Manufacture", www.the-leaf.org, Issue #2 pdf file





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Tea Treks:

Traveling to the sources of premium tea production is important to us.  We feel that it the only way for those of us in the tea business to truly understand the many steps of tea cultivation and production and all the nuance and detail that makes each tea unique. Our colleagues in Asia have given us priceless opportunities to learn about their tea and experience their tea cultures. We are grateful to them and would like to share some of what we have seen with our tea enthusiast customers.

Follow the links below to read Mary Lou’s articles, handouts and blog posts about our tea sourcing trips and to browse her portfolio of photographs.


Chinapdf file







China, Japan & Tibet

Charcoal-Fired Teas

Japanese Green Tea

2008: Taiwan & Hong Kong



Waking Up in Hong Kong


Custard Buns and Pig's Throat


Lost in Kowloon; Saved by Sichuan Food


Goodby to Hong Kong; Hello Taiwan



Visiting the Doctor in a Taiwan Hospital


Guest Speakers in Taiwan


Tea Trekker Visits Taiwan


2010: South Korea, Japan & China


A Win in the Bronze Category for Me


Our May Tea Sourcing Trip to Asia


Visiting the Raku Museum


Enchanted by South Korea


Japanese Matcha Tea